Quick N’ Easy Mini-Pies

Shannon bake pageThere is nothing better than fresh, out of the oven, pie! Even though you are supposed to wait to let the pie cool before you cut into it, its actually better scolding hot with a big scoop of ice-cream on top to cool it down to an eatable temp. My family loves pie, there are very few types of pies we won’t eat. But it would be nice to be able to make different pies all at once, without the hassle of making several pies all at once! It was a hassle, until now. With a cupcake pan, you can make easily serve-able pies. You can use both mini-cupcakes and standard size cupcake pies. The mini cupcake pans make bite-size pies, that are 60% crust. Standard size cupcake pans make a single serving size pie that still gives you a good amount of yummy pie crust, but without neglecting the filling. I am not a fan of making anything out of the box or can, but knowing how difficult it is to get a good consistency pie crust, I will make an exception.

Here is what you will need:
2 boxes of store-bought Pie Crust. (Each box should have 2 pre-rolled pie crusts.)
2 cans of pie crust filling. (This will be enough to fill 12 standard size cupcake pan)
1/2″ x 7″ ribbons of parchment paper. (Used to place under pies to lift them out.)
Cooking Spray

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease pan with cooking spray. Place the ribbons of parchment paper into the holes.

2) Find a bowl or lid that is about twice the diameter of a cupcake mold. This will be used to cut circles to press down into the cupcake pan. Cut only 1 at first to make sure its a good size Once you see it will work, cut the remaining 11.

3) Spoon the pie shells about 80% full of pie filling. If you use apple, you might want to cut up the apple pieces into smaller pieces for easier filling.

4) You do not have to cover the top of the pies if you don’t want. If you do, you can either cut a circle about the same size as the cupcake (make sure to cut slits for steam) and top the pie, or you can slice ribbons of dough and weave the the top into a lattice pattern.

5) Now that the pies are put together, you can mix an egg with about 1/8 C of water. Lightly brush the eggwash over the tops of the pies. This will given them a sheen once they are baked.
6) Bake for a bout 30 minutes or until the crust is good and golden brown.

Once they are baked, they are ready to serve.

Kids love helping with this recipe...and its no mess!
Kids love helping with this recipe…and its no mess!



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