Kitchen Design Reveal

Hello all! Today is our Kitchen Design Reveal from our new home. Let’s face it your kitchen is the busiest room in your home, so we put the most thought into this room. I only had one problem from start to finish….. A BUDGET! Picture what your dream kitchen would look like, and you just go and pick out what you love regardless of price, then you wake up and realize most of us have a budget. The good news is that you can have a dream kitchen that you want, but careful and detailed planning is the key. Today, i will share with you tips we incorporated in achieving our dream kitchen but staying on budget, I hope you enjoy our Kitchen Design Reveal.

Tip 1: Many people say don’t price out your dream kitchen you will just disappoint yourself when you see how much over your budget you get. I totally disagree, here was our strategy. We priced out and designed our whole kitchen and added in everything we wanted and was very specific. Let me explain: We included appliance prices, lighting, and backsplash. Once we got this number we then knew how much we were over our budgeted amount.

Tip 2: We then started subtracting what we felt like we didn’t need that wasn’t structural during the build of the home that when we got the money later we could add to complete the look we wanted. Again, let me explain:

Backsplash cost can add up quick, so we immediately subtracted this amount because we knew that was an easy add we or someone else could come in and add for us later.

Lighting: I knew i wanted lighting over island, possibly pendants, and another form of lighting over our table, but i realized that we could save by adding in more can lighting and just having them come back and cut the holes to hang the lighting when we decide what we want. All you need to do is relay  to the electricians that you are planning lighting in those areas so they can go ahead and wire correctly for that area and you don’t have to engage in a major cost down the road.

Pantry: We decided to save some money and cut down on the extra cabinets we were going to add, and create a pantry for all of our food and other kitchen products.

So, what do you do about the counter tops or island that you can’t give up or other items that are on your “must-have” list? We re-evaluated other rooms in the house and took a few things out, which allowed for us to then use that money to use for our kitchen plans.

Now, i will give credit to my hubby because we changed our kitchen plan it seems like a  million times, but he wanted to design it to make it flow as you cook, and he researched and picked out all the appliances. So, our kitchen is designed with a baker’s cooking flow! Lol! He did not want a sink in the island so he had room to roll out his dough and have adequate working space. We made sure we created appropriate cabinets by the double oven that could store hot pads, and pans. Cups near the refrigerator, dishwasher next to the sink, the double trash can is hidden in the island as well as the microwave. The pot’s and pan’s have enough storage to fit under the stovetop, and a spice rack close by to have while preparing food.

Last but not least we created outlets under the cabinets not on the wall. This will help when we go to add the backsplash later, it will be a cleaner look without having to cut around outlets.

We hope you enjoyed our Kitchen Design Reveal! Remember focus on structural things, when you are doing your initial design this is what will cost you most of your budget. It’s worth to get good cabinets and spend a little more, but then you can also upgrade your countertops later. Please leave questions and comments we are so happy you stopped by to read our post today. Have a great week!

Jamie and Shannon



    • Jamie says

      Thank you Amy for your support and reading! Now i guess i need to take cooking lessons from my husband! lol

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