Home Building Tip #4 Custom Lighting without the Cost

Hello All! Today i wanted to share with you a small tip that can make  big difference in your home. As your Electrician begins his job, ask him to tell you when he is ready to install the outlet and light switch boxes. In our case our electrician charges by the square foot, not by how many outlets you want, so we were able to add some custom places we want lighting to make sure we are able to have it the way we feel like will work best for our home. Our code was at least 2 per wall, so make sure you ask your Electrician about what is code before you start.

My husband and i went out on weekend when the builders were not there and drew on the framework and left post-its where we would like outlets and our light switches. Be sure to indicate if its a single, double, or triple light switch and what you want the switch to coordinate with which lights. Think about the possibility of a dimmer switch also, and be sure to communicate this with your electrician. Something else to think about is for example: Christmas, where will you plug your tree in at, and make sure you have an outlet close by. This will prevent you from running extension cords everywhere. We also added a few to our front porch for lighted garland, and even underneath a soffit on our roof as an hidden outlet. Again, this comes in handy with the Christmas lights and preventing the look of extension cords everywhere.

Also, if you have an open floor plan like us in our living room, we have end tables we will place on each side of our sectional, however, we do not want to plug a lamp in at the wall and have the cord across the floor to the end table.  Tip: Place a few outlets in your floor and indicate them for the electrician, this way you can plug in a lamp and have it run up through your end table for a clean look.

Another great place to think of for your outlets is, instead of having them on the wall at your counter height in the kitchen, ask your electrician about placing them under the cabinet as an option and you will not have to worry about cutting backsplash around them or them being an eye sore when not in use. We added an outlet in a closet for charging some household items: for example, our small portable vaccum for messes has to be on a charger, and this will work great instead of being out in the open charging for our little ones to trip over or pull on the cord.

We hope you find this helpful in your remodel or new building process. Thanks for reading, and leave a comment or question, we love to hear from you!


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