Framing Our Home

Hello Everyone! We have been so busy getting all the items picked out for our home, I realized that we haven’t updated you in a while. On our last post we showed you the Foundation to our home. Once the concrete for our foundation was poured, it was time for the framing to begin! Framing is where the skeleton of your home is built. Framing is performed in a way I would describe as room by room, from one end of the house to other. Just a reminder before framing begins, you need to know your RO (rough openings) for all doors and windows. Tip: This is when it’s great to have looked at windows and doors ahead of time, this is not something you want to rush. Taking time to know what windows/doors you want will help you stay on budget. If you are not confident in your RO, and the builder has to move or resize your RO, this is where you will start cutting into unplanned expenses, due to the labor it will take to re-frame.In the framing process your exterior walls have two options. 2×4 or 2×6 studs.


Depending on your budget and your desire of efficiency will determine which one you may choose. This is also a great subject to talk to your builder about, get his/her opinion on both and what they may suggest and they will offer you pros and cons. A few of the biggest differences between the two are: 2×6 are thicker, thus allowing more insulation and you will get a higher R-Value in the walls.  However the cost of you insulation will be more and you will also pay more for extended window jams.


After all the walls in the home are framed, next came the setting the trusses for the roof. If you are reading this and still trying to find a plan for your home there are two different ways you can finish the end of each roofline on your home; hip or gable.   Gable ends of roofs are the ones that look like a triangle sitting on the wall.  Hipped roofs are where the triangle is not there, the roof slopes down to meet the top of the wall. See our previous Let’s Get Started for a look at these options. We chose a mix of both of these with our home design and are looking forward to showing you how it turns out.



At this point in building your home, if you have not already, you should be looking,pricing, and ordering your Roof shingles, exterior of your home (brick, vinyl siding, etc). and your soffit and trim.

Thanks for reading, please leave any questions or comments you have about building or if you are thinking of building. We are here to help based on our experiences.

Shannon and Jamie



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