DIY Easy Mother’s Day Gift: From the Heart!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Are you still in need of a Mother’s Day gift ? Since i have became a Mommy I truly love the projects and artwork from my kids, i treasure it and keep so much of it! One of my bestie’s, Jessica, brought up this idea and i just loved it and wanted to share with all of you! This is completely kid friendly, and budget-friendly also! Here is what you will need:

-Clay flower pot, you can spray paint a color or leave the brownish red color.

-Acrylic paint colors of your choice

-Paint brushes

-Flowers and dirt

-Black or colored sharpe

-Your kiddos! LOL

My daughter Landrie always wants to help with every project. So, i wanted her to be a big part in helping because this truly comes from her heart. Although she was born a Daddy’s girl, at 4.5 years old she has started loving on her Mommy and that is totally okay with me!

Step 1:

The clay pots i used my 4 year old’s hand prints, and my 9 month old little man’s footprints on opposite sides of each pot. The Middle pot was footprints to show you how you can do multi-color footsie’s. Let dry.

IMG_6173Step 2:

Here are the same pots after painting them up and giving them some character (this was mine and my girlfriends part). We simply painted the rim inside and out of the pot, drew some grass around the bottom, i added a stem to the handprints to make them look as flowers, with a sharpe i added the accents to the feet to create butterfly’s. Jessica looked up and found a few awesome sayings that we used in permanent markers for around the Rim that really can personalize it for that special person you are wanting to gift this too. I had 3, one for my mom from my kiddos and personalized it for each, my mom goes by Nana, my mother-in-law is Mamaw, and my kids Great-Grandma goes by GiGi. The saying we chose for our pots was, “There’s no place like home except …… (entered their name’s such as Mamaw, and Nana, etc). Here are a couple more sayings that are just as fun and all Mothers and Grandmothers would love:

1. A Garden of Love Grows in a  Grandmother’s Heart

2. God couldn’t be everywhere so he made Grandparents.

3. Only the best moms get promoted to Grandma

IMG_6174Step 3:

Picking out Flowers!!!!


Step 4:

Planting the flowers! I also let her add her little touch and write her name in acrylic paint on a bare space on each pot, she was so proud!!!

IMG_6177Step: 5

Celebrate giving this awesome gift from the heart so a special Mother or Grandma! Landrie loved being involved in this and its okay if its always perfect because they picked it out and this you replant in every year! Happy Mother’s Day!


Jamie, Landrie, and Tage







    • Jamie says

      Thanks Erin! I was thinking the same thing i forgot to make one for myself! Landrie was so proud of it it just made me smile! Thanks for reading!

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