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Happy Monday! One of the things i love best about decorating is finding ways to accent rooms without going over budget, and finding pieces that i can also alter or change later without having to buy a brand new piece. I searched online for many headboards but i never found any upholstered headboards i liked under $400.00. This DIY Headboard cost me right under $100.00! A few weeks ago,  i posted about an awesome way to customize wall art to match whatever you are looking for in a room that is affordable. This week, i want to walk you through how my two favorite DIY’ers, my Mother in law and my hubby who both are perfectionists from baking to sewing, to even building projects. So i knew i could trust them to create what i was looking for.


The DIY headboard we made for my little girls room was for a full bed so here are the measurements we found for what to base your size off of : A typical Full size headboard ranges between  54.5-58.5 W x 51-56 H. Our dimensions were a bit different on the Height since we attached our headboard to the wall not to the bed frame.

Here is the materials list:

– 1/2” thick plywood we had purchased from our local hardware store and had them cut to the size of  56″W x 34″ H.
-6 Buttons plain you can cover with fabric
-Tape measure
-Batting or a large section of foam depending on how thick you want the headboard to be at. (The batting i chose was from  Jo-Ann Fabrics).
-Fabric (We used just a broadcloth fabric, but you can use any fabric that will achieve the look you desire). Upholstery fabric is a great choice.We used 2 yrd.’s of pale pink broadcloth, and 2 yard’s of white broadcloth to place behind it since the broadcloth was a thin material. The fabric cost under $30.00! Such a good deal!

-Staple gun (electric stapler works even better)
-Heavy thread/ or string
-Steam iron
-Wall brackets

My husband first measured out the plywood to fit 2 rows of 3 buttons each to make sure they were straight, then pre-drilled the holes.

2. Place the fabric flat on our surface = 2 layers since it was a bit see through we added first a layer of pale pink broadcloth, then a layer of white on top of it. Steam ironed to eliminate all the wrinkles. (If you are using upholstery fabric or thick non-see through fabric you will not need to double it up to create 2 layers).

3. After laying out fabric, then follow with unrolling our batting. The batting we used came in a roll which made it easy to use.  If you were using foam instead you would place it on top of the fabric at this time. (Depending on the look you want you can use batting and foam together).

4. Now lay your 1/2″ plywood board on top. If you find you have a lot of excess batting, you can cut it away at this time. Tip: Don’t cut the fabric for you will want a good amount to pull tight to secure to the back of the plywood.

5. Start at the longer sides of your headboard so your top and your bottom and pull fabric tight over the back of the plywood and staple with your staple gun. Once top and bottom are complete, next you use the same technique and pull tight the right and left sides then staple.

Gather your corners and you can cut off excess fabric, pull tight and staple.


6. Cut fabric in the shape of a circle about a 1/2 inch wider than your button you want to cover so you have enough to tuck in around the button.

7. Now you are ready to place the buttons on. Your holes should already be pre-drilled so just thread your needle then on the other end thread your button, so your needle is on one end and your button is on the other. Feel out where to stick your needle. You will want to stick your needle through the front then pull string tight in the back to create the pin-tucked look.

8. Next, staple your string, pull a different direction, staple again, repeat this a few times to ensure your string will not come loose. Repeat until you have all your buttons complete. Your DIY headboard is complete!

Thanks for ready our DIY headboard for just under $100.00! Please share this with a friend and leave your comments, we love to hear from you. Special thanks to my Mother in Law, Debby, and my hubby on this one!


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