Custom Wall Art

Hello Everyone! I have been MIA since moving and unpacking! Don’t let me fool you I am far from organization in this new home, but first things first. When you have a 5 year old that is obsessed with princesses, picking out her own clothes and her own style, and wanting a castle to live in….. you get my sweet girl!.  I knew I wanted to settle in her room first.

How many trips do you make to different stores looking for what you want to put in a room, and you find what you like, but it just doesn’t match? Or you just can not find it at all! I have found the perfect place for personalizing your custom wall art for any room, in any color you want to. I wanted something for my daughter’s room that was girly, not all pink, and had all the colors i wanted to display in her room all rolled into one. My sweet girl has such an energy for life, and loves flowers, along with a eclectic style. So, I wanted to create a custom wall art that would make her feel like it reflected her own personality.  Modify Ink had just what i was looking for!  This site has several options to choose from along with a short tutorial to walk you throughout how to customize your own in several different sizes. It is also great because if you are busy like me, you may need to save a project and come back to it later to finish. This has that exact feature to create your own custom wall art. The best part is that it totally it is priced reasonable and won’t break your budget. I loved having option to change the colors, shading, and even the background texture of my wall art.




This print will be shipped to you on a sturdy professional paper so that you can frame, hang, or I chose to use spray adhesive and stick it to a canvas i found at Hobby Lobby. Today, i want to share with you an awesome offer from Modify Ink! Create your own Custom Wall Art and you will receive 30% off your custom print that you create by changing the colors and texture look of your print to fit it into the perfect room in your home.  Hurry, because this coupon is only good for 72 hours from today! Share this coupon code with a friend and please post on instagram  your custom wall art and tag me @southernhomewithstyle and @modifyink. I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Make sure you visit Modify Ink and click on the link above with the coupon! Please share today’s post and thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, leave a comment or any questions. We love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for my next post on the DIY headboard my mother in law and hubby created like pros!


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