Fab Holiday Gift ideas


Happy Holidays Everyone! Merry Christmas! Today i wanted to share with you my “Top Fab Holiday Gift Finds” that so many people around you would love, maybe a little something for you also. I am all about gifts that are practical and help our busy schedules feel a little more at ease, and more organized! 

Getting my body back !

  Happy Wednesday ! You have heard me talk about my comfort zone many times in previous posts, but today might be the “mack daddy” of breaking out of my comfort zone. If you know me i really do not go anywhere without makeup, and I surely only let about a handful of people see 

“Mom, what’s for dinner”?


Hello Everyone!!! After having my second child about 7 months ago i have had to learn to plan even more than with my first child. Working full time, two children, and a husband that travels out of town for work some days i have about zero free time to figure out what I’m doing the