DIY Love

IMG_5649Welcome! This is probably my favorite subject on this blog, because i am such a home body that i love to get off work on Friday and just bust out a DIY project friday night, Saturday, and still going strong working on it Sunday! I always tell people if I had to go back in time i would go to college for Interior Design or Graphic Design and do what i love as a hobby for a career. Okay, now that i just woke up from that dream, here is reality….currently we are renting our home until we build our hopeful forever home in about a year, so why would i be doing DIY projects on a house i do not own. Well, you will see in the weeks to come. Then stick around because as we start building our home the DIY love with be taken to a whole new level, and if you see my husband Shannon don’t say the word DIY he knows i have project after project just waiting for him to plug in his saw. We hope you enjoy and please send us feedback or if you choose to use any of our projects please send pics we want to see and hear from everyone!


Custom Wall Art

Hello Everyone! I have been MIA since moving and unpacking! Don’t let me fool you I am far from organization in this new home, but first things first. When you have a 5 year old that is obsessed with princesses, picking out her own clothes and her own style, and wanting a castle to live 

Christmas Design Entryway

Merry Christmas! Happy Tuesday all! Since this is the week of Christmas i have to slide in one more of my Christmas designs from this year. When someone enters my home, my goal is to always have an eye catching entrance or entry way that makes them feel comfortable, warm and welcome. This design is