Window Shopping??


As a husband, one of the things that drives me nuts is “window shopping”.  I go shopping when I need to buy something.  I choose the store I will buy it from, I walk in and buy it.  Simple as that.  Unfortunately, that is the worst thing you could do in building a house.  You 

A Foundation to Build Your Home

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone! Today my hubby is going to tell you about our home progress on the first month. Although, we are not contracting our home by our self, and we are using a Contractor/builder from our local town, their is still so much that goes into it. Decisions that have to be 

Let’s Get Started!!

Hip Roof

  Hello All! Our dig date is approaching fast, so now that we have chosen our builder its time to get the ball rollin’!  Now that you have chosen your builder what is next anyway? If you are exhausted at this point get ready because the fun is just beginning. It’s time to get the