Building Our Home

c7d35d65d917c13af7bbc60f44236b45Most people just wake up and say “I am gonna build a house tomorrow?” right?……..Wrong? And if you do i will tell you up front “YOU ARE CRAZY”! LOL! When you come to the decision to build a house you can’t wait to start, however there is so much to think about before even getting started just in the planning process. This page will be the journey of building our dream home and the reality of all the steps in planning, researching, and figuring out the best way to Build our home. We will fill you in as we personally go through the journey step by step and what we encounter on our way. Stay tuned for all our stories we will share over the next several months and hopefully this will help anyone thinking of building or in the process of building a home.


Black Interior Doors-Home Building Tip #5

Black interior door designs

Hello Everyone! Today we are sharing Home Building Tip #5 Black Interior Door Designs. This is a total preference, but i want to encourage you when you are designing your home, checking prices, remodeling or building a brand new home to take some of those ideas from Pinterest that you have pinned thinking it’s only 

Home Building Tip #4 Paying your Contractor

Hello All!  As you work with your contractor, especially in the beginning it is important to ask him/her how he does his billing. Let me explain, every contractor will do this differently. Some contractors: 1. Bill you monthly through his/her business. You pay him for his workers, and the materials that he gets from the 

Custom Wall Art

Hello Everyone! I have been MIA since moving and unpacking! Don’t let me fool you I am far from organization in this new home, but first things first. When you have a 5 year old that is obsessed with princesses, picking out her own clothes and her own style, and wanting a castle to live