Black Interior Doors-Home Building Tip #5

Hello Everyone! Today we are sharing Home Building Tip #5 Black Interior Door Designs. This is a total preference, but i want to encourage you when you are designing your home, checking prices, remodeling or building a brand new home to take some of those ideas from Pinterest that you have pinned thinking it’s only on your wish list and well…….DO ONE!

Black entry doors

Our Front Entry Doors were also purchased throughout our local Home/Hardware design store Wright’s Do-it Center.  The brand is Therma-Tru. The style of the door is double S90 3/4 glass 1 panel model. The glass is a privacy glass with the design called “Chord”. The handle for the doors we purchased from The paint is 100% acrylic latex semi-gloss with the color of “Coach Black”with the brand of Do-it Best.

One of my wish list items i pretty sure i pinned on pinterest 100 times was purchasing Black interior doors. I wanted it to pull the color from the black entry double door we chose and add depth to the light walls. Now, my hubby and I’s taste are a bit different (cough, clearing my throat, LOL) so i thought the black interior doors would also bring a bit of a modern feel to the barn wood floor look my husband chose.  I have seen this in a lot of home design magazines, pinterest, and other home design websites. However, i thought oh, lordy this is risky and it may only look good in their home, not mine. They seem to appear in top design large homes, and well we are just building “normal” (LOL)  home so i thought i probably shouldn’t do it. Then when it came time to order them i sat their and said i would like black interior doors please!

Black interior Door

We researched how much extra it would be, meaning we compared the cost of the door company painting the doors or our painter painting the doors. In our case the painter would have charged more, so we choose to have the door company do it. I choose to keep a few closet doors in the kids bedrooms white so i think it’s totally okay to mix your black doors with a few white if the white are for closets in the bedrooms.  I think brushed nickel, or the flat black look great for coordinating. We searched for hardware in black and could not find it any hardware or department store. We purchased all of the handles from an online store called and they were so great! You will be in home design heaven when you visit their site. The style of door interior doors we choose is called a two-panel arch Roman design and the color of black the company used is called Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams.

Last but not least, it was a hair more upfront but we opted for 36in. wide interior doors. This was something we wanted for when we were older and if their was ever a need for a wheelchair in our home for anyone. This is structural and calculated out that we didn’t wan the big expense later to widen all the doorways. We encourage you to evaluate if its a structural want or a decorative want, meaning structural can be more expensive later, and decorative meaning you can always add it later but if it’s something you have been eying for a long time, i encourage you do it you don’t want to regret not adding it to your home.


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Shannon and Jamie


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