Hello! My name is Jamie Green and I am so glad you stopped by to look at our blog! My husband Shannon and I have been married since 2007 and we have 2 beautiful children, Landrie and Tage. We are ordinary people who live in a small southern town, but we have so much to share about what we love to do. I am a Registered Radiation Therapist RT(R)(T) with a Bachelor’s in Radiologic Science, but currently work in a Cardiac Cath lab at our local hospital. Working and studying in healthcare I am drawn to healthy living and finding ways to improve my own, my family and others in their life. One step at at time in this busy life their are ways to live healthy and i love sharing with you how we try to have our best health for Mom’s and busy lifestyles. I grew up in the small town we live in, and have always loved healthcare, but there has always been side of me that could design and style almost any person and any home. I am borderline obsessed with creating a DIY project and decorating my home.  So i have combined my love for home and style to bring you this blog. I am so excited to share my stories, ideas, and projects with you!!!

As you will read I don’t really hold back on a lot of things. Usually if someone is thinking it, I am the one saying it. As a Mommy my whole life has changed and my perspective on so many things in my life have been turned upside down, but in a good way. Working with patients who’s lives can change in the blink of an eye you dont know what tomorrow holds, so i like to live everyday like its my last and teach my children to count their blessings. God plays number one in my life and he has taught me that following him can and will bless your life in so many ways and he amazes me everyday from what he teaches me. I hope you all enjoy this blog and can relate to one or many of the posts. I want to hear from you ! So please leave comments, concerns, and questions.

Shannon bake page

Who am I? Shannon, the husband/daddy. Growing up on a family farm, I was given the opportunity to learn many valuable life-skills. My love for machinery, how they work, and how to fix them came from my dad. That is why I decided to major in Engineering in college. I was taught how to turn a wrench, maintain equipment, trouble-shoot machinery, weld, use a blow-torch, etc.. And as much fun as a kid can have with these types of toys, I also had a sweet tooth. Lucky for me, my mom is an amazing baker. She used to be a professional cake decorator. So early on I learned that if I hung around the kitchen long enough, there was always a spatula to lick, extra cake batter to eat, and icing EVERYWHERE. We all have something that just comes naturally to us. For me, the kitchen was always the place where I loved to be. From concocting a new milkshake recipe to experimenting with all the various things you can make with a can of biscuits, I loved it. As a farm boy, with farm boy friends, I was given a hard time.. UNTIL we moved away to college. Then my baking/cooking skills became a commodity. Hopefully through my lovely wife’s blog, I can teach you some quick/easy recipes to whip up!